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Stacy takes you brilliantly through the process of self-development, and how to achieve more in your life.  – Rebecca, Teacher & Real Estate Broker

Experiential Workshops

Our workshops are unique, interactive, provocative and without question, insightful. 





  • Effective leadership skills / techniques

  • Enhancing two-way communication

  • Fostering team development and trust

  • Improved decision-making skills

  • Effective techniques for turning obstacles / setbacks into opportunities for growth

  • Creating a vision and the tools needed to take inspired action toward realizing it



Creating awareness on WHY we are here. What is our purpose?


  • How do we show up in our lives and our work?  

  • Are we empowered – or disempowered?

  • Is this the role we want to play?

  • If not, how do we foster change?

  • How do we make a difference?


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