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Your coaching and support has changed my life in just a few short days. I have so much more energy and I feel great!     – Rika, Project Management Director

The buzz... about Stacy McKenna

Since I've started working with Stacy, I repeatedly keep hearing from those closest to me… “you’ve changed" and “you seem happier”, and “there's a lightness about you” I know I haven't changed. I just get to be who I want to be now. Stacy’s support and guidance have allowed me to be who I have wanted to be for a long time. As a result, my relationship with myself, my family and friends are so much stronger. I am a better example for my children. I am being a woman I want them to learn from.Stacy shows me how to be authentic and true to myself. She has helped me to realize I deserve an incredible life without limits. Because of my work with Stacy, I stand taller, feel more energetic and experience more life, each and every day.

Patty, Professor, Entrepreneur and Fit Mom of 4.

When I first started working with Stacy I wasn't sure what I wanted out of life. I had spent years raising a family and serving others.  My life, my needs and wants were put so far on a back burner that I couldn't find them.  Through her techniques, beautiful being, witty and fun sense, Stacy is helping me to find me. I matter. I deserve anything and everything I desire and the Universe always has my back. I feel lighter & less troubled, yet find myself doing & creating more.   I have been re-introduced to myself and I like me, like I never have before.

Angela, Engineer at NASA

Stacy, after attending your seminar I was inspired to write this poem.  I wanted to thank you and share…




My heart cracked open and everything I’d been holding onto let fly in that moment.


Dawn, with gentle breath and gradations of sunlight creeped in and echoed through me,

Illuminating my veins, illuminating the path,

Making a map of where I’d been and where I desired to go.


I felt the light pouring from my fingers in drops surrounding me,

Sparkling like fireflies set against the backdrop of summer’s twilight.


The light overcame the darkness in my soul.

And I know.

And I am whole.

Erin, Teacher & Fitness Professional

Stacy is blessed with a gift for truly showing us the path to what we truly 

want. I love the way she helps me choose the right language when talking about my intentions, and the realization of what I truly believe is possible. Because I was open to her work, I’ve since created a growing business that brings joy and laughter to this world.  She truly is in touch with the universal energy that we all can tap into through her transformative coaching. I’ve been blessed to work with Stacy and know that there is so much more to come.

Preston Simpson, Entertainer & Founder of Flapjack Comedy Productions

We all need a touchstone, a place, way or person to go to, to remind us of what we have forgotten, to remind us of our strengths and to remind us to live out those strengths.  Stacy McKenna is this touchstone for me. Through her wisdom and work she had held up a mirror so that I can see and remember all the good, positive, energy that I carry. I have accomplished uncountable goals because of this continuous gift in perception of myself. Her ability to perceive my needs and to get to the core issues is a gift. I highly recommend her as a passionate, committed life coach.  

Bobbie, CEO

When I finally picked up the phone to have my 1st session with Stacy, I was open to any life raft available. To this day, it was a seminal moment in first, staying the spiral-down, stabilizing that which seemed insurmountable and moving on with a new iteration that might, just might have promise. It’s hard work, as life is not a 30 minute TV sitcom. However, with all the trauma I had recently endured, I found a steady, real, and understanding person that loves what she does and those that she reaches. She reached me and it has worked. What more can one ask for?

Christy, Entrepreneur, Activist & Author

Stacy is the best I’ve seen! When Stacy stood in front of an entire auditorium, she spoke effortlessly and with such clarity about universal truths. Her purpose? To give her audience the tools to understanding themselves and their relationship to choices they make - she takes you bril-liantly through the process of self-development and how to achieve more in one’s life. Her method flows as her audience reaches a state of consciousness that moves beyond the mind. Stacy’s delivery is a systematic and practical process of how to initiate, quicken and lighten the changes people need, but don’t know how to achieve on their own. We’re at a crossroads in the way people are viewing this world, which in turn carries over in to the work place - let Stacy help!

Rebecca, Teacher and Real Estate Broke

Stacy has helped MANY business professionals here at home and internationally take charge of their lives, their businesses and help companies move forward with a clarity and passion for what they wish to accomplish. I cannot say enough about the training and assistance that this person gives to those that wish to rock out their profession and become something larger than life~ I know in one year she has changed the way I see things and do things, even with the bumps and bruises of growing a business. I love you Stacy McKenna. You are a gift to those of us that choose to open it.

Erin, Founder and Owner of Award-Winning Bridal Business

Stacy gets right to the heart of transforming your approach – focusing on what you want, creating a vision and acting on it. She clears it up by keeping the emphasis on your choices and trusting the Universe to respond positively. Stacy supported me, and I am moving forward strongly as a result.

Gary, Attorney and former State Senator

What was life like before Stacy? I felt stuck both personally and􀀎􀀇􀀊􀀃􀀄􀀇􀀈􀀃􀀑􀀌􀀕􀀅􀀃􀀑􀀌􀀔􀀅􀀃􀀚􀀅􀀕􀀁􀀆􀀅􀀃􀀬􀀊􀀇􀀛􀀒􀀪􀀃􀀐􀀃􀀕􀀅􀀑􀀊􀀃􀀈􀀊􀀂􀀛􀀔􀀃􀀢􀀅􀀆􀀈􀀁􀀋􀀇􀀑􀀑􀀒􀀃􀀇􀀋􀀓􀀃􀀎􀀇􀀊􀀃􀀄􀀇􀀈􀀃􀀑􀀌􀀕􀀅􀀃􀀑􀀌􀀔􀀅􀀃􀀚􀀅􀀕􀀁􀀆􀀅􀀃􀀬􀀊􀀇􀀛􀀒􀀪􀀃􀀐􀀃􀀕􀀅􀀑􀀊􀀃􀀈􀀊􀀂􀀛􀀔􀀃􀀢􀀅􀀆􀀈􀀁􀀋􀀇􀀑􀀑􀀒􀀃􀀇􀀋􀀓􀀃 professionally but didn’t have a clue what to do. Stacy and I have only worked together a few months but I’m already light years ahead of my former self. Stacy has taught me there’s one way to live life— powerfully. So hop in the driver’s seat, babe!

Mera, Writer

Stacy, you are simply amazing. Thank you for sharing this beautiful article. And thank you for being a stand for me. Your coaching and support has changed my life in just a few short days. I have so much more energy and I feel great!!

Rika, Project Management Director

To say Stacy is a life changer is an extreme understatement. With􀀁􀀃􀀈􀀇􀀒􀀃􀀬􀀊􀀇􀀛􀀒􀀃􀀌􀀈􀀃􀀇􀀃􀀑􀀌􀀕􀀅􀀃􀀛􀀎􀀇􀀋􀀍􀀅􀀆􀀃􀀌􀀈􀀃􀀇􀀋􀀃􀀅􀀱􀀊􀀆􀀅􀀉􀀅􀀃􀀂􀀋􀀓􀀅􀀆􀀈􀀊􀀇􀀊􀀅􀀉􀀅􀀋􀀊􀀘􀀃􀀃􀀟􀀌􀀊􀀎􀀃 Stacy’s help I have realized what can be achieved when you are clear and courageous and I am forever thankful to have found her.

Em, Real Estate Broker

Stacy, I couldn't fathom what it possibly meant to speak to the Universe. It wasn’t until she taught me to set my intentions and repeat my mantra that I finally started to believe I hold the answers within me and always have. Now that I’m speaking to the Uni-verse, not only is it listening— it’s responding.

Emily, Entrepreneur

Stacy has an amazing way to connect and communicate the message of your truth and meet you where you are. She has helped me pay closer attention to my thoughts, inner feelings and how I 􀀭􀀈􀀎􀀁􀀄􀀃􀀂􀀢􀀖􀀃􀀌􀀋􀀃􀀑􀀌􀀕􀀅􀀘􀀃􀀃􀀐􀀃􀀎􀀇􀀙􀀅􀀃􀀎􀀅􀀇􀀆􀀓􀀃􀀌􀀊􀀃􀀚􀀅􀀕􀀁􀀆􀀅􀀮􀀮􀀚􀀂􀀊􀀃􀀬􀀊􀀇􀀛􀀒􀀃􀀄􀀆􀀇􀀢􀀈􀀃􀀊􀀎􀀌􀀈􀀃 message in a way to really connect & support you personally. And to ‘Own It!’ with emotion & fun! Stacy, thank you for all you do to help others.

Bonnie, Entrepreneur

After many years of playing life on a small scale I decided to bury my excuses and shoot for the stars and invest in myself with Stacy McKenna. It was time to turn my dreams into reality. Stacy’s style of coaching has had a ripple effect on my family and our community that will touch generations to come. She brings joy, passion, love and intuitiveness into her coaching practice. I am grateful to be a part of the change and the opportunity to co-create with Stacy.

Lynn, Esthetician and Animal Advocate

You were f***ing amazing! I was enraptured. You were beyond incredible. This is your calling. What a presenter – unbelievable!

Kathy, Systems Director

You were awesome tonight! I really wanted to thank you for everything that you’ve done and continue to do. I was really at my wit’s end when I attended that first meeting. You’ve been such an inspiration, and after re-seeing your “Intro” talk -- I just wanted to say thank you, so so much. The first intro meeting I couldn’t even fathom what I wanted to work on, much less three steps towards the goal. This time I knew what I wanted, could articulate 3 steps AND Ways of Being that would make that goal a reality. The phrase “get clear on your commitments” never resonated as much with me as it did tonight. Tonight’s talk was a great ‘check-in’ for how far I’ve, I’m amazed and inspired.

Patricia, Business Owner

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