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Stacy gets right to the heart of transforming your approach – focusing on what you want, creating a vision and acting on it. She clears it up by keeping the emphasis on your choices and trusting the Universe to respond positively. Stacy supported me and I am moving forward strongly as a result.  – Gary, Attorney and former State Senator


About Stacy R. McKenna

Transformational Coach • Writer • Speaker • Producer

Stacy is a certified life, executive and leadership coach with 20 years experience working with a team of brilliant change agents who have created paradigm shifts in companies around the globe. She has worked with JP Morgan Chase, Cisco Systems, IBM, NovaAmerican, TATA Industries and Adidas to mention a few. Stacy is a published writer, an executive producer and a sought after speaker dedicated to creating shifts in perception and shattering self-limiting beliefs. She is currently producing and directing her first documentary, Skipping Joy.


Stacy lives on Cape Cod, Massachusetts with her husband Andrew and their beloved English Springer Spaniel, Maggie McGee.



Stacy was born and raised in Connecticut and earned a Bachelor of Science from Bryant University with a concentration in Marketing and Psychology.  But it was during her junior year when studying in London that she realized she had bigger plans than to just earn a degree and get a job; she wanted to see the world.  After landing her ‘dream job’ as a fashion buyer in Manhattan, she began to crave something more than the ‘dog-eat-dog’ environment that surrounded her.  Although, passionate about fashion & design, Stacy knew she wanted something of more substance, something more impactful.  She soon landed an exciting position and became the global director of public relations for an international best-selling author/business guru.  This opportunity allowed Stacy to travel extensively opening her eyes and mind to new ideas and challenges, fascinating people, diverse cultures, but most importantly the pleasure of touching and making a difference in other lives.


A trip to India in 2004 proved pivotal forever changing Stacy’s life and thus began her inward journey toward self-realization.  Soon after her return from India she began to manifest all the dreams that were shelved for so many years working to ‘get ahead’.  Stacy later met and married a kindred soul, moved to beautiful Cape Cod, hung up her corporate career and took a leap of faith to become an entrepreneur dedicated to changing lives.

It is Stacy’s honor, privilege and joy to support and empower others in the attainment of the clarity, confidence and courage needed to move forward with one’s vision.


Stacy McKenna coaching
What we have to remember is that we CAN still do anything. We can change our minds. We can begin again. The notion that it's too late to create the lives we desire is comical.  In fact, I think it's hilarious.
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