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Wow ... I'm amazed and inspired.

 – Patricia, Business Owner

Your Life Is A Hot Date.  Show Up.


Life is a train ride and we all we know where it’s going. No one gets out alive.  All the fear, failure & humiliation will die with you so you may as well show up big and play full-out whilst you are here.

Listen to Stacy on Blog Talk Radio's Evolving Soul


Skipping Joy Original Title Track

Check out the original title track (by Joey LaDore) of our soon-to-be released documentary Skipping Joy.


Listen:                                    Like?



When was the last time you experienced a first?  When was the last time you stretched? 


 embarking on an intense 4-month leadership program in Manhattan earlier this year. As part of the program, I ‘got to’ create and commit to a contract with myself to dream big and stretch in every facet of my life. I had the opportunity to shake things up in my relationships, with my health/fitness, in my community, in my career and with my finances.



Very excited to announce the changes that are coming to the radio show "Evolving Soul." Instead of a radio show, Evolving Soul is becoming a network with group of special people hosting their own shows! Each host will have their own topics, guests, etc. 


Here is the rundown:

  • Every First Thursday of the Month: Evolving Soul with Anthony Mrocka (Psychic Medium)

  • Every Second Thursday of the Month: Evolving Soul with Pat Longo (Energy Healer)

  • Every Third Thursday of the Month: Evolving Soul with Melissa Cubillas (Psychic Medium)

Every Forth Thursday of the month: Evolving Soul with Stacy Tutino McKenna (Transformational Coach)


I am really excited to share a platform with these 3 amazing women and continue to bring listeners tools for life and help people break free from the things that have been weighing them down. Tune in!!! Click here to go to the radio page, and click the follow button to stay updated with everyone's shows!

Keith Callahan is a Sundancer, husband, father, mentor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Since retiring and becoming financially free at the age of 36, Keith now spends his time helping others identify, create and eventually realize the life they were meant to live. 


Click here to listen to his interview with Stacy. To learn more about Keith and hear more of his podcasts, please visit



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Skipping Joy

An upcoming documentary about rediscovering who you were before the world told you who to be.


From Unlikely Hero Productions.



Art of Distraction

It’s amazing to me how creative I can be when I’m procrastinating.  Who knew how clean and organized your office and home can get when a dreaded deadline is hovering above?  


Here I am, once again, stricken with a fierce case of “Student Syndrome”: Why do today what I can put off until tomorrow? ‐ that has my creative flow blocked. Or has it? 

The Artist

I was just adding my final edits to another article on an entirely different topic, when all the Oscar buzz around the astonishing smash hit The Artist captured my attention and inspired me to write this piece instead.


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